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Nestled in a picturesque setting, Hidden Creek RV Park boasts proximity to an array of outdoor adventures and recreational activities. Explore nearby hiking trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes, offering invigorating experiences for nature enthusiasts. Adjacent to the park, the sparkling waters of Lake Texoma beckon with opportunities for boating, fishing, and various water sports, promising an abundance of aquatic fun.

Places to Visit

Cedar Mills Marina:

The marina is located only 4 minutes from Hidden Creeks! At 1.3 miles, it's also a doable walk. The marina offers all kinds of activities and amenities. From fishing guides to boat sales, it's definitely worth trying out.

Pelicans Landing Restaurant:

Located at the Cedar Mills Marina, this restaurant is located on the waterfront and boasts a tropical inspired atmosphere. From a simple dinner, to a corporate party, this restaurant offers everything. On the weekends they have an amazing breakfast. They also offer various events and activities. Make sure you visit them during your stay here!

Petting Zoo at the Marina

The petting zoo at the marina is the perfect way to spend the afternoon! They recently added two miniature goats which are adorable and ready for attention.

Megastar Casino:

Visit their website to find out what promotions they're running!

Cedar Mills Airport:

We are conveniently located 1.6 miles from the Cedar Mills Airstrip. 

Places to Hike

  • Cedar Mills Runaway Trail

  • Cedar Bayou Trail

  • Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

This website has a list of the best hiking and trail spots nearby: Best Backpacking Trails in Gordonville

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